DIY Hanging Flower Garland | Step-by-Step!

DIY Hanging Flower Garland | Step-by-Step!

Make your own DIY hanging flower garland strands in these easy steps!

Fill your reception or party space with beautiful, floating paper flowers for a magical effect.  Watch this easy DIY Hanging Flower Garland video for detailed step-by-step instructions.


What you will need:

  • PAPER FLOWERS, (this link is a pretty set of purple shades!)
  • Clear polyester string,
  • Glue gun,
  • Clear tape

Let's get started!

  • Pull the back of the paper flower leaves away from the flower.
  • Place clear string underneath and seal with a drop of hot glue.
  • Repeat to desired garland length.
  • 10 Paper Flowers placed about 2" apart will make a 3-foot garland.  
  • Use more or fewer flowers for desired length!

diy hanging flower garland

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