The Recipe for Your Perfect Wedding Posted on 5 May 09:52

“Discover the recipe for your perfect wedding so that you can relax & truly celebrate your marriage minus the crushing overwhelm & expense felt by so many couples … that’s coming up next on the Wedding Planning Podcast."

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The Recipe for Your Perfect Wedding | May 6th, 2020

perfect wedding recipe

I’ve been guiding engaged couples to planning their dream weddings for 10 years now, and here’s something I hear way too often:  “We’re feeling anxious and overwhelmed about all the little things, and losing sight of the big picture.” 

Couples who plan every single last painstaking detail, only to realize that they haven’t even thought about the marriage ceremony itself, or who haven’t had one single NON-WEDDING related conversation with their partner in the past 6 months.

I know firsthand how easy to get swept up in feeling like everything on your wedding day has to be PERFECT - the wedding industry has been sending the message that your wedding is the “most important day of your life” for decades. 

Well, here’s a little secret.  No doubt, your wedding day is exceptionally special, and a day you will cherish for the rest of your life. 

But you’ll likely have many more “best day ever's” in your future, and spending unnecessary time and stress over perfecting all the little things, while failing to focus on that WHY of your relationship and marriage ...

is quite simply a recipe for disaster.

The "Perfect Wedding" RECIPE.

In this totally free episode of the Wedding Planning Podcast, we're talking all about the recipe for your perfect wedding.  When you get right down to it - it’s pretty simple.

The Recipe for Your Perfect Wedding | LISTEN NOW!

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Something Blue Gift Ideas for the Bride Posted on 16 Jan 12:54

Surprise the bride with a unique twist on "something blue"!

* this post contains affiliate links 

You know the timeless wedding tradition - the bride carries "something old, something new, something borrowed, & something blue" on her wedding day. 

If you're stumped on a creative and thoughtful gift for your favorite bride-to-be, here are some really unique gift ideas that fit the something blue category.  Not only can she keep them close on the wedding day, but these meaningful gifts will be treasured for years to come.

Click any image to shop these beautiful finds!

Images are the property of each linked artist.

Something Blue Ornament by Kara's Vineyard Wedding

Capture wedding day memories for years to come with this stunning personalized wedding ornament.  This special gift includes two custom charms, a keepsake box, and free shipping anywhere in the US.  An instant keepsake for any couple!

something blue wedding gift

Something Blue Wedding Bouquet Charm by SmilingBlueDog 

Hold your loved one tight throughout your wedding ceremony with this beautiful bouquet photo charm with blue teardrop crystal. Not only is this a thoughtful & affordable wedding keepsake gift, it's the perfect way to honor a loved one who can't be there in person. 

something blue bouquet charm

Custom Handwriting Something Blue Handkerchief by MemoryThreadCo

A soft handkerchief is a wedding day necessity for every bride, and this design goes above and beyond in the thoughtful category with a special note recreated in your loved one's handwriting!

Something Blue Crystal Hair Wreath by SweetOliveHairpieces

"This is even more beautiful in person than it looks in pictures! I love it SO much and cannot wait to wear it!" - carrkatelyn1

Add a delicate "something blue" sparkle to your wedding day up 'do with this gorgeous bohemian inspired hair wreath!  This beautifully understated hairpiece includes delicate silver-colored leaves & capri blue authentic Swarovski crystals.

something blue hair wreath

Something Blue Satin Pointy Toe Flats by kaileep

Sail down the aisle in these romantic & chic bejeweled flats!  Experience comfort, beauty, & feminine style with these gorgeous bridal shoes, available in 4 colors.  Ships free anywhere in the US!

something blue shoes

Browse more unique & timeless "Something Blue" wedding gifts, brought to you by thousands of talented artisans on Etsy!

Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Box "Recipe" Posted on 27 May 15:39

Make this cute bridesmaid proposal gift box for less than $15!

I LOVE creating homemade gift boxes.  The possibilities for colors, price, and what goodies to include are literally endless ;)

For just a few bucks, you can create a really personalized, inexpensive & professional looking gift boxes for your bridesmaids!


  • Gift box,
  • Filler, 
  • A card,
  • & some inexpensive goodies. 

Some great box options from a variety of price points, from as little as $1.50 each box: 

For box filler, you can use tissue paper, or crinkle cut shredded paper makes for a nice, professional looking touch.  The crinkle paper comes in any color imaginable ... if you already know your wedding colors, that would be a really cute touch to coordinate!

Some options:

What should I put inside my Bridesmaid Gift Boxes?

Some cheap & easy ideas for what to fill your gift boxes with:

Shop Bottle Stopper Favors in 30 custom colors here!

 The sky and your imagination are the limit with how to fill this fun little gift box for your bridesmaids.

Amazon is SO EASY for shopping anytime, anywhere.  I also love stores like TJ Maxx & Marshals for their beauty products, stationary, candles, & picture frames. 

Don't forget a bright paper flower for the perfect finishing touch!

You can easily put these boxes together for less than $10 each, and go from there depending on your budget. 

Listen to the full BRIDESMAIDS episode on the Wedding Planning Podcast!  To listen, simply search "Wedding Planning Podcast" on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or anywhere you listen, and look for the pretty image below.  Talk soon! 



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DIY Hanging Flower Garland | Step-by-Step! Posted on 23 May 09:06

Make your own DIY hanging flower garland strands in these easy steps!

Fill your reception or party space with beautiful, floating paper flowers for a magical effect.  Watch this easy DIY Hanging Flower Garland video for detailed step-by-step instructions.


What you will need:

  • PAPER FLOWERS, (this link is a pretty set of purple shades!)
  • Clear polyester string,
  • Glue gun,
  • Clear tape

Let's get started!

  • Pull the back of the paper flower leaves away from the flower.
  • Place clear string underneath and seal with a drop of hot glue.
  • Repeat to desired garland length.
  • 10 Paper Flowers placed about 2" apart will make a 3-foot garland.  
  • Use more or fewer flowers for desired length!

diy hanging flower garland

Kiss These Wedding Etiquette "Rules" GOODBYE! Posted on 1 May 13:06

Drowning in wedding etiquette & "rules"?

You've noticed by now that everyone has an opinion on invitation wording, cash bars, inviting kids, and what traditions absolutely SHOULD be included in the wedding day.

Today on the Wedding Planning Podcast, let’s take a step back & reframe things.

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wedding etiquette rules

I appreciate that you’re listening from all different backgrounds, regions, & cultures. What's the "norm" in NYC may be entirely opposite in Charleston & completely unheard of in Los Angeles.

Part of the inspiration for today’s episode is my husband and I coming from two very different parts of the country, and our separate expectations of what should & shouldn’t happen at a wedding.

Where he’s from, it’s totally normal to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a huge wedding for 300 of your closest family & friends. The bride's family pays. It’s unheard of to have a cash bar, to not ride in a limo, and to not invite kids.

Where I’m from, pretty much everything opposite of that. I have a really small family, and celebrating your reception in the basement of the church with no booze is, well, pretty normal.

Where things get tricky is when our expectations of what a wedding “should” look like conflict with our budget, our styles, and our personalities.

And of course, an added layer of difficulty arises when you and your partner come from different backgrounds, and one of you thinks paying $10,000 for a photographer is completely reasonable, and the other wants to spend $10,000 total on the entire wedding.

But no matter where you’re from, I’m a firm believer in your wedding day being an expression and celebration of you & your partner.

At the end of the day, you’re making a really special commitment to one another, and looking to celebrate the occasion with your loved ones. That’s it!

With that said, let’s look at these “wedding etiquette rules” with a fresh set of eyes. Forget what “everyone else is doing,” and open up the possibilities beyond that.

Please know, believe, and trust that you truly have the support from me to ditch what everyone else is doing, and craft your day, your way.

No this doesn’t mean being blatantly rude or disagreeable to your family, or sneaking behind your partner to sabotage something that you know they really want.

You'll need to continuously deploy common sense, compromise and understanding throughout your engagement. But these commonly held beliefs can by all means be reinvented.

I hope you'll tune in, I hope you LOVE today's show, and I hope you'll always feel free to be in touch with me by simply hitting the "contact" button on the side of the screen!

Cheers to you,


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Easy DIY Wine Cork Place Card Holders | Step-by-Step! Posted on 3 Jan 18:09

Make DIY Wine Cork Place Card Holders in 3 easy steps!

What is the WEDDING PLANNING PODCAST? Posted on 30 Jan 11:35

Welcome to the Wedding Planning Podcast

"Hi there, it's Kara and I believe that every engaged couple deserves the expertise of a down-to-earth, professional wedding planner.  Join me each week on the Wedding Planning Podcast for ways to streamline & simplify your wedding plans!"

I created the Wedding Planning Podcast in 2016 for engaged couples who are looking to streamline & simplify their wedding plans. 

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Would you love to have detailed conversations with a professional wedding planner each week, FOR FREE???  Yes, please!

In this totally FREE wedding planning resource, I’ll deliver fresh, on-point wedding planning advice each week. 

Even if you have all the help in the world from close friends & loved ones, having a dedicated professional to run things by is priceless. 

If you’re looking for a truly unique spin on wedding planning advice & ideas, then this is the perfect wedding planning podcast for you!

We cover every wedding topic imaginable, from wedding dress shopping, to relationship dynamics with your in-laws, wedding reception catering, wedding speeches, easy ways to save money, and so much more.

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