STEP BY STEP - Create a Flower Backdrop Wall

Welcome to our easy, step-by-step guide to creating a beautiful flower backdrop wall or accent area!


  • Flowers.
  • Adhesive.
  • A Plan.


Consider a DIY Flower Backdrop Wall Kit, starting at just $35.00.  You will receive beautiful, sturdy paper flowers in 3 different sizes.  Perfect for anyone looking for huge impact with minimal effort!

For those of you looking for an expanded flower color selection and more freedom to choose specific flower sizes and custom shades, we sell all three flower sizes and 25+ colors here.

For endless inspiration and DIY-flower making advice, browse our "Paper Flowers" board on Pinterest!


Here is a link to my favorite double-sided sticky pads, available on Amazon (ships FREE for Prime Members!): 

Scotch Mounting Squares, 1/2-inch x 1/2-inch, Black, 64-Squares (108-SML)

Any double-sided adhesive squares will work - a tip, when buying in bulk you'll receive much better pricing on Amazon vs. a retailer like Target or an office supply store.


Here's the tricky part - how many flowers should you use to cover a given space?

Here is a photograph of our DIY Flower Backdrop Wall Kit using 30 paper flowers.  The picture shown measures 12 x 18", and the entire area from side to side, top to bottom, measures about 2 feet x 2 feet.

How many flowers you will need will depend greatly on the size of the area you're covering and how closely you place the flowers together.  

For example - here are two comparison photos of flowers within a one square foot area (12" x 12").  The first photo uses 5 flowers in each the size (15 total), versus 10 flowers in each size (30 total):


My best recommendation if you are unsure about the spacing or quantity is to order samples to experiment with in person.  You can purchase sample flowers here.

Please tag us in photos of your craft parties and finished projects!  @karasvinwedding

Questions about creating your flower backdrop wall?  Please contact us using the pink button on the left side of your screen!

Cheers to a fun and beautiful project!