FREE GIFT | Wedding Planning Affirmation Cards for VAULT Members

$ 20.00

The PRICELESS GIFT of "wedding peace of mind", from me to you!

>>> Each set of WEDDING AFFIRMATION CARDS includes 12 positive & uplifting wedding meditations, packaged inside a beautiful organza gift bag. 

We'll be using these affirmations as a topic for member’s only weekly meetings where we deep dive into mindset, encouragement, your questions, and behind-the-scenes convos that go way beyond the free weekly shows.

These beautiful little cards are also the perfect size to ...

>>> Carry along in your purse,
>>> Display on your desk,
>>> Keep in your wallet,
>>> Pull a card any time you need a "wedding pick-me-up"!




Free gifts & discount codes have a "tendency" to find their way to the general public via the internet & social media.  You must be an active member of the Wedding Planning Podcast VAULT at the time your Free Gift order is placed, or it will be cancelled.