SAVE 50% DIY Hanging Flower Garland | Wedding Flower Backdrop

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Make your own hanging flower garland with these stunning 2" paper flowers!

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This project is SO easy, and the finished result is gorgeous.  Take a look!

HOW-TO VIDEO | make your own Hanging Flower Garland:



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- FAST processing, get your flowers in just days!

- Flowers measure 2" across and are easy to secure to transparent polyester thread w/ a drop of hot glue.



How many flowers should I order?  How long is each strand of garland?

10 flowers with about 2" space between each will make about a 3 foot long garland.  20 flowers would make a 6 foot long garland.  You're free to use more flowers close together OR fewer flowers spaced farther apart to adjust the density.

When will I receive my order?

Coral flowers are IN STOCK and will arrive within 5-7 business days.

Where can I order the clear thread?

You can buy clear polyester thread at your craft store in the "sewing" aisle, or order online here:

OTHER SUPPLIES YOU'LL NEED to create your hanging flower garland ...

- Transparent thread
- Hot glue gun
- Clear tape to hang

Cheers to a beautiful project!