AUDIO | Creating the Perfect Wedding Seating Chart

$ 5.00

Creating your wedding seating chart can feel very overwhelming, but with this 19-minute audio guide you'll have all of your guests seated at the perfect table in no time.

In this premium audio show, "Creating the Perfect Wedding Seating Chart", we review in detail:

- Tips for getting started with your table assignments,
- Strategies for staying organized,
- Easy ways to categorize your guests,
- Exactly who should (& shouldn't) sit where,
- Creative ways to design your place card table,
- Seating your wedding party (bridesmaids & groomsmen),
- & MORE!

Hi, I'm Kara and over the past 10 years I've helped thousands of couples decorate & plan beautiful weddings.

In addition to the beautiful wedding decor you see here at Kara's Vineyard Wedding, I also produce & host the "Wedding Planning Podcast", an audio blog that streamlines & simplifies the wedding planning process from start to finish.

MORE PREMIUM AUDIO shows coming soon!

*** FAQ's ***

Q.) What is included for $5?

A.) You will receive a 19-minute long mp3 audio file all about Creating Your Wedding Seating Chart. The mp3 is yours to download, save, & listen to anywhere, anytime.

Q.) How do I download & listen?

A.) After you complete your purchase, the mp3 file will be emailed to you.  Simply tap to download on your device, and enjoy on your phone or desktop anytime!

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