Wedding Planning Affirmation Cards | Stocking Stuffer Engagement Gift

$ 19.00 $ 24.00

Share the PRICELESS GIFT of "wedding peace of mind" with your favorite newly engaged couple!

>>> Each set of WEDDING AFFIRMATION CARDS includes 12 positive & uplifting wedding meditations, packaged inside a resealable protective pouch.

Arrives READY TO GIVE to your favorite newly engaged couple!

These fun little cards are the perfect size to ...

>>> Carry along in your purse,
>>> Display on your desk,
>>> Keep in your wallet,
>>> Pull a card any time you need a "wedding pick-me-up"!


"Your presence in the wedding industry is a breath of fresh air!" - Brittany

"You made the wedding planning process so much easier, and not so overwhelming, AND also helped me not completely get out of control with my budget!" - Alyx

"I remember how overwhelming wedding planning felt at first and how it didn’t feel fun at all. Total 180 now, I'm finally having fun planning!" - Lindsay



- Cards are printed on thick linen card stock, woven from fine Italian paper
- Cards each measure 2.5" x 2.5".
- Designed in San Diego, CA

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